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Team Phantom is a non-profit Business and Engineering Team of over 50 multi-disciplinary students from Simon Fraser University. 

We are building an electric vehicle to compete in the 2024 Formula SAE Competition while increasing our community’s mindfulness about sustainability. 


We provide students from any study an opportunity to work on an electric vehicle that will be entered into an international competition. Our work provides students hands-on experience to develop skills that are not taught in the classroom, including disciplines of engineering, management, and sustainability. 

To engage young innovators in creating a sustainable future through our passion for racing.

To provide experiential learning opportunities, supporting student creators and the pursuit of sustainable innovation. 


Team Phantom fosters a unique team combining both engineering and business. We value diverse problem solving and work hard to support the growth of our members. Through a passion for racing and engineering, Team Phantom promotes sustainable practices driven by a team of student innovators.



Team Phantom is founded by SFU mechatronic students, Gabe Soares, Gurmesh Sidhu, Raaj Chatterjee, Sumreen Rattan, and Eddy Chiang. They start building electric go-karts, but switch to assembling full size electric race cars. 


Team Phantom continues to grow. Manufacturing of the car begins and the Chassis for Phantom 1.0 is completed. An unofficial Business Team is established to help with logistics.


Vehicle development takes a new competitive turn and Team Phantom works towards participating in the 2020 Formula SAE Competition.


Pandemic lockdowns cause the Formula SAE Competition to move fully online. Team Phantom makes adaptations to attend the 2020 Virtual Competition and wins the Bosch Business Presentation Event in their rookie year. 


At this point, Team Phantom has trained over 200 students in electric vehicle development and educated more than 10,000 members of the community on sustainable transportation options! 

The Business Team expands by adding a Finance Team to maintain the financial health and prosperity of Team Phantom.


The Business Team expands to include Marketing, Events, Human Resources, Visual Media, and Corporate Relations Teams! These teams begin to launch new events, work to strengthen Team Phantom’s culture, increase outreach and community initiatives!

Manufacturing ramps up as the goal of competing in 2024 is set!


Wheels are turning! Check out what’s next for Team Phantom.

Many more to come!

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