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SFU Team Phantom Team Photo



Team Phantom is led by our own witty musketeers, guiding us with their leadership, comedic personalities, and awe inspiring effort.


The Engineering Team is made up of four Sub Teams: Power, Controls, Frame & Aero and Dynamics. Each Sub Team plays an integral part to make our electric racing vehicle functional, safe and powerful.


The Power Team is responsible for designing, assembling and managing the car’s electrical system that operates at high and low voltages. Power Team Members design schematic and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and test every electrical aspect of the car while practicing safety first for the driver’s well-being. Each Power Team member is motivated to complete the car by contributing towards the goal of completing the car’s electrical sub-system that compliments other subsystems led by other engineering Sub Teams. 

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo


The Controls Team is responsible for developing the software and firmware needed to verify and process the signals sent between the sensors and different sub-systems and enable the driver to interact with the vehicle. This work includes developing command line interfaces to test driving conditions and the vehicle’s response, data acquisition, and configuring the dashboard.

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo


The Dynamics Team is responsible for managing the handling systems that provide the vehicle with agility and speed, such as drivetrain, suspension, and braking. Dynamics team members blend lap simulation software and Solidworks in order to design optimal solutions for mechanical systems. The team is responsible for designing the suspension and steering that let the car flow into corners, the braking that lets the car stop, and the components that transfer power from our motor to the wheels. 

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo

Frame & Aero

The Frame & Aero Team manages the design and fabrication of multiple physical car components, including the development of aerodynamic devices. The leading fabrication of Frame & Aero Team is the vehicle's frame, hence enabling integration of other Sub Teams’ components and uniting Team Phantom as a whole.

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo


The Business Team encompasses members whose duties involve finance, community engagement, management, and marketing for Team Phantom, as well as connecting members across Team Phantom through meaningful and engaging events.


Our goal on the Marketing Team is to increase Team Phantom’s social capital. We are the face of Team Phantom and it is our responsibility to connect with our viewers and provide knowledge about Team Phantom and our mission. We manage our website and social media platforms, as well as branding and content creation to promote our events and initiatives.

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo


The Finance Team is responsible for managing the financial aspects of Team Phantom, such as grant applications and reimbursements, tracking account balances, and financial resources to ensure the availability of funds for the internal and external activities of Team Phantom. We are responsible for the financial health of Team Phantom.

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Team connects Team Phantom and external partners, such as sponsors and donors, to provide external funding for the club and create meaningful partnerships within the community.

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo


The Events Team connects all the teams within Team Phantom and are the ones responsible for organizing amazing internal team socials to bolster team spirit and collaboration. We also occasionally host external events that are open to all SFU students, the themes of these events align with our goals of sustainability and innovation.

SFU Team Phantom Member

Human Resources

The Human Resources Team’s main focus is recruiting, interviewing and managing the members of Team Phantom. Our team will work closely with other Business Teams and Engineering Sub Teams to welcome new members and keep track of everyone’s work progress.

SFU Team Phantom Member

Visual Media

The Visual Media Team works closely with the Marketing Team to design print and web visuals for Team Phantom. We are graphic designers and our role is to design creative content that will engage and excite our viewers, while visually bringing out the best of Team Phantom.

SFU Team Phantom Team Photo
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