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As a student team we depend on sponsors to help us in advancing our vision of developing our electric race vehicle. We are extremely grateful for our sponsors' investment in our mission and support for the next generation of creators and innovators. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to work with and receive support from so many valuable sponsors.


Team Phantom strives to continue driving towards sustainability advocation and development, working with our sponsors to enrich the communities around us and fulfilling our shared mission.

Thank you for your support!

How to Become a Sponsor



Team Phantom’s success would not be possible without the support of our many sponsors. We have the deepest gratitude for our sponsors’ investment in our mission and community, and hope your organisation will join us on our journey. 


The first step to becoming a sponsor is getting in contact with our team at to learn more about sponsorship and donation options that suit you and your organisation best.

If you have any questions about sponsoring Team Phantom you can contact our Corporate Relations Team by email at


Charitable donations, which receive charitable tax receipts, can also be made through to help us! You can also leave a message of support and catch up with some of our announcements. 


Sponsorship isn’t strictly monetary! If your organisation has a product or service that you would like to involve in our mission, please get in touch with our Corporate Relations Team! We work with every partner to develop the unique ideal partnership for you.


Brand Exposure

We’re proud to use our platform to elevate our sponsors. Your company logo will be showcased on our website, social media, team wear, banner, and race vehicle! As an Electric Vehicle race team, we promote sustainability and innovation.

Product Showcase

Showcase the quality of your products on an international stage. The parts, materials, and services featured in our vehicle can be a testament for your brand and a strong marketing opportunity. 

Meet Prospective Talent

Sponsoring Team Phantom is a great way to see driven and passionate students in action. You’ll meet firsthand a pool of students with skills and teamwork that could be a good fitting contribution to your own organization and make connections with the SFU community.

Give Back to Your Community

When you support Team Phantom, you support the next generation of creative innovators and our mission of enriching our community. If our vision aligns with yours, investing in Team Phantom is one way to support your community and create a partnership towards a shared value.


Team Phantom has different tiers of sponsorship options, each with varying levels of investments and benefits. We want our partnerships to be mutually beneficial and recognize all sponsorships are unique. Please reach out to our team so we can build the best partnership for you! 

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